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11 New Breweries Recruited to Work with Kernza + New Kernza Beer with 100% Regenerative Ingredients

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Patagonia Provisions is partnering with an additional 11 breweries across the US to release the next batch of Kernza® lagers this Earth Month. The innovation from this new cohort will build on the pilot project launched in June 2023, which featured the first round of breweries working with Kernza perennial grain, many of whom continue to … Continue reading 11 New Breweries Recruited to Work with Kernza + New Kernza Beer with 100% Regenerative Ingredients

These Trials with Kernza Could Form a Future Staple

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  A new story on brewing with Kernza recently appeared in the Brewer Magazine‘s latest edition for January/February. The story features Q&A’s with brewers and head management at Topa Topa Brewing Co., Craft ‘Ohana, Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co., and LUKI Brewing and discusses Kernza’s distinct flavor profile in beer, the process and technical aspects of … Continue reading These Trials with Kernza Could Form a Future Staple

Brew with Kernza

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From taprooms to canned beers, breweries across the country are innovating with Kernza® perennial grain for its unique flavor profile, environmental benefits, and community of dedicated changemakers and natural resource stewards. If you’re a brewery interested in working with Kernza, connect with Sustain-A-Grain, Perennial Pantry, or the Perennial Promise Growers Cooperative to purchase grain from … Continue reading Brew with Kernza

Kernza Featured in Minnesota’s New Climate Plan

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  Successful Farming Magazine explores the new incentives for Minnesota farmers to change their practices, including adding Kernza perennial grain to their operations, in the state’s new Climate Action Plan.

Q&A with Gwen Williams, owner of Artisan Naan Bakery

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In the most recent article of the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute’s (AURI) “Fields of Innovation Innovator Profiles,” they interview Gwen Williams, owner of Artisan Naan Bakery. This series includes interviews with Minnesota entrepreneurs who have partnered with AURI to build capacity and successfully commercialize new and emerging crops. Click here to read more about Gwen … Continue reading Q&A with Gwen Williams, owner of Artisan Naan Bakery

Kernza<sup>®</sup> Market Development: Updates from the Upper Midwest

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Kernza® market development and R&D is picking up steam. Below are a few highlights, including new products hitting the shelves at bakeries, breweries, and school districts in Minnesota! In the photo above, Montana from River Rock Bakery (St. Peter) speaks with Christopher from Perennial Pantry. Montana has been interested in working with Kernza® for a … Continue reading Kernza® Market Development: Updates from the Upper Midwest

ReToast: an Upcycled Kernza<sup>®</sup> Snack

Kernza® at work, Network Profile, Product Highlight

  A team from University of Minnesota took first place in the American Society of Baking’s Product Development Contest. The theme for the competition was “Sustainability – Caring for our future” and the prompt was to develop a bakery product that highlights upcycled ingredients and is shelf-stable at room temperature for at least 14 days. … Continue reading ReToast: an Upcycled Kernza® Snack

Ecosystem Services Payment Programs

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As detailed in The Land Institute’s white paper, Perennializing Grain Crop Agriculture: A Pathway for Climate Change Mitigation & Adaption we now have actionable knowledge that perennializing the agricultural landscape provides a major carbon sequestration opportunity. Additionally, perennial polyculture grain cropping systems have the potential to substantially reduce emissions of the potent greenhouse gas (GHG) nitrous oxide … Continue reading Ecosystem Services Payment Programs