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The future of farming.
The future of food.

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Tastes Great, Less Tilling

Kernza® is a robust perennial grain that is pleasing palates and enriching fields around the world. Farmers, chefs, researchers and food businesses are using it to shift the agricultural paradigm from an annual model to a perennial future, from an extractive imperative to a regenerative reality.

Climate Positive

Kernza® grain’s extensive root system reaches over 10 feet underground, and is a net sink for atmospheric carbon. Research is showing that perennial grains like Kernza® are one of the most robust and effective solutions known to sequester carbon on our productive lands.

Growing Yields

Breeders at The Land Institute and partner organizations have doubled the seed yield of Kernza® grain in a decade. Beyond grain production, perennial crops yield an ecological benefit that promises to sustain soil and human caloric needs for millennia.

Incredible Taste

Kernza® grain’s sweet, nutty flavor works deliciously as an ingredient in bread, cereals, snacks. It can be used as a whole grain, as flour, and can be malted or mixed directly into beer and whiskey. We’ve even tasted delicious ice cream made with Kernza® grain!


Everything there is to know about Kernza® perennial grain.

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Kernza® is not a household word yet, but it will be.

Christian Ettinger, Brewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery

Kernza® grain is a vibrant proof of concept for perennial agriculture informed by natural systems. Today, an expanding global network of collaborators builds knowledge and capabilities to transform agriculture by developing perennial grain varieties and diverse cropping systems.

Rachel Stroer, President of The Land Institute

The benefits of Kernza have incredible promise to redirect the course of climate change and significantly improve planet health.

Maria Carolina Comings, Cascadian Farm Marketing Director

If we don’t get sustainability right in agriculture first, it won’t happen anywhere...

Wes Jackson, Co-founder of The Land Institute

Our goal is not for it to be a small-scale niche thing. We have landscape-scale problems.

Lee DeHaan, Lead breeder for Kernza® intermediate wheatgrass at The Land Institute

We recognized the incredible attributes this crop could bring to agriculture. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, and it acts as a sponge to carbon.

Birgit Cameron, Senior Director of Patagonia Provisions