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A tasty work-in-progress

Eaters agree: Kernza® tastes great! Kernza® grain has been used to make beer, flour, cereal, popped grain, sprouted grain crackers, and so much more!
Kernza® consumers are inspired by more than taste, they are passionate about food that rebuilds soil, sequesters carbon, improves water quality, and provides farmers a stable livelihood. Grains make up over 70% of our global calories and cover more than 70% of our agricultural lands. Transitioning a majority of that production from annual to perennial crops could remedy the ecological crisis of agriculture.
All you have to do to get involved is eat Kernza®.

Kernza® for your health and soil health

  • Kernza® is high in antioxidants.
  • Whole grain Kernza® has eight times the insoluble dietary fiber of whole wheat flour.
  • Healthy soils support rural communities’ ability to thrive
  • Long rooted perennial grains create rich soil organic matter and maintain it year after year

Looking for Kernza® Products?

Products on the Market

Restaurants, bakeries, breweries, distilleries, and food companies around the country are creating innovative products with Kernza® perennial grain. Below is the latest list of innovators featuring Kernza®!

Learn more about Patagonia Provisions’ “A Good Grain Collaborative

What kind of products use Kernza®?

Kernza® grain is generally used as a wheat substitute in food products. To date Kernza® flour has been used in breads, pancakes, beer, cereal, crackers, and cookies. It can also be sprouted or used as a whole grain like barley or rice.

Is Kernza® gluten free?

Kernza® grain has gluten, but it is not as strong as the gluten in wheat flour.


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