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A tasty work-in-progress

Eaters agree: Kernza® tastes great! Kernza® grain has been used to make beer, flour, cereal, popped grain, sprouted grain crackers, and so much more!
Kernza® consumers are inspired by more than taste, they are passionate about food that rebuilds soil, sequesters carbon, improves water quality, and provides farmers a stable livelihood. Grains make up over 70% of our global calories and cover more than 70% of our agricultural lands. Transitioning a majority of that production from annual to perennial crops could remedy the ecological crisis of agriculture.
All you have to do to get involved is eat Kernza®.

Kernza® for your health and soil health

  • Kernza® is high in antioxidants.
  • Whole grain Kernza® has eight times the insoluble dietary fiber of whole wheat flour.
  • Healthy soils support rural communities’ ability to thrive
  • Long rooted perennial grains create rich soil organic matter and maintain it year after year

Looking for Kernza® Products?

Products on the Market

Kernza® products are currently available on a number of menus including at The Birchwood Cafe, and Bang Brewery in the Twin Cities. Patagonia Provisions, a subsidiary of the clothing brand, has created two tasty beers that can be found on grocery aisles in the Western U.S. or on tap at the brew house who made them possible, Hop Works Urban Brewery in Portland, Oregon. Columbia Country Bread and Granola has Kernza® Sprouted Grain Crackers for sale nationwide. Perennial Pantry currently sells Kernza® whole grain and Kernza® flour nationwide. Check out the full network of Kernza® makers to find a product offering near you.

When will Kernza® be available in my area?

Check here to see if there is a Kernza® maker serving delicious products in your area. If you don’t see one close, we encourage you to speak to your favorite restaurant or maker about the grain, and how they could become part of the perennial revolution by incorporating Kernza® in their menu or product. Perennial Pantry currently sells Kernza® whole grain and Kernza® flour nationwide. You can also purchase grain directly from a grower. Find out more here.

What kind of products use Kernza®?

Kernza® grain is generally used as a wheat substitute in food products. To date Kernza® flour has been used in breads, pancakes, beer, cereal, crackers, and cookies. It can also be sprouted or used as a whole grain like barley or rice.

Is Kernza® gluten free?

Kernza® grain has gluten, but it is not as strong as the gluten in wheat flour.


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