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Partner Type: Maker

Upslope Brewing

In 2021, we started using Kernza® as an adjunct ingredient to replace traditional malted barley and other cereal grains in our beer. Kernza® is of particular interest to Upslope because it is a perennial grain with greater carbon sequestration potential, lower water use, and unique flavor when compared to annual cereal grains.

Cascadian Farm

Cascadian Farm® began working with Kernza® in 2017. In 2019 we launched the first cereal by a national brand, Cascadian Farm Honey Toasted Kernza® Cereal. Cascadian Farm, and their parent company General Mills, continue to show interest in Kernza® because of its intrinsic regenerative agricultural benefits as a perennial grain crop, and how it may … Continue reading Cascadian Farm

Perennial Pantry

Perennial Pantry exists to bring delicious, climate positive food staples to your kitchen. An offshoot of Sprowt Labs, Perennial Pantry is a direct to consumer brand offering dehulled grain and flour.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

In partnership with Patagonia Provisions, we created two Northwest-style beers, Long Root Pale Ale and Long Root Wit. These beers were made from organic ingredients and feature the first commercial use of Kernza, a perennial grain which thrives without pesticides. It uses less water and removes more carbon from the atmosphere than annual grain, this … Continue reading Hopworks Urban Brewery

Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy’s Center for Pollinators in Energy partners with leading food and beverage companies in creations that pair Kernza with honey harvested from flowering solar farms.

Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University

Five years ago we hosted an artist in residence who was a master baker and baked Kernza® bread for visitors to taste at a public event. We are working to add Kernza® to our current offerings.

Birchwood Cafe

We have used Kernza® in pancakes, waffles, breads, bars and grain salads in the cafe and on our fanmous Heirloom Tomato Sweet Corn BLT on Kernza® focaccia at the Minnesota State Fair. We also included a Kernza® recipe in the Birchwood Cafe Cookbook published in 2015. By featuring Kernza® on our menu and the Kernza® … Continue reading Birchwood Cafe