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The Kernza® Network

Kernza® Grain: From a wild perennial grass to store shelves

Starting with hobbyist bakers on staff at The Land Institute, Kernza® has been tested in kitchens across the country for over a decade. Innovative chefs, bakers, brewers, distillers, researchers, and growers are using Kernza® in place of or combined with wheat or other grains. If you have a current licensing agreement with The Land Institute (2019 or later) and would like to add your organization to the directory please fill out this form.
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Minnesota Native Landscapes

We partnered with the University of Minnesota to do some trial custom cleaning of Kernza in 2018. Last year we cleaned all of the new MN-Clearwater variety (20,000+ pounds) for the U. MNL's mission is to Heal the Earth, and Kernza® fits well within that mission. We have the equipment and expertise from our native seed cleaning operation to handle the various cleaning needs of Kernza®, from seed quality to full de-hulled grain quality.

Perennial Pantry

Perennial Pantry exists to bring delicious, climate positive food staples to your kitchen. An offshoot of Sprowt Labs, Perennial Pantry is a direct to consumer brand offering dehulled grain and flour.

North Dakota
Healthy Food Ingredients

Healthy Food Ingredients is an organic and non-gmo grain and seed company that specializes in unique and planet friendly supply chains. We have partnered with key players in the Kernza® supply chain to grow out Kernza® supply and to install food grade cleaning and dehulling of Kernza® for the food industry.

Sprowt Labs

Sprowt Labs became the first distributor of Kernza in 2019. They are developing Kernza malt with their pilot malting technology and working to scale production to bring Kernza into widespread use in the craft beverage industry.

Sustain-A-Grain, LLC

We began growing Kernza® in polycultures and practicing rotational grazing in 2018. We also supply Kernza® seed and collaborate with growers as Kernza® handlers to build stable supply chains.