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The market is hungry for Kernza®

Makers in the Kernza® network push the boundaries of what can be done with perennial grain. They create flour, crackers, noodles, cereals, beer, bread, and other products that inspire consumers and help perennial farm fields sequester carbon.

Why use Kernza® to make your product?

  • Kernza® flour is high in protein, carotenoids, and other antioxidants compared with wheat flour.
  • Kernza® grain is great for brewing.
  • Kernza® grain has a unique, nutty flavor that makes tasty products.
  • Kernza® grain is high in dietary fiber.
  • Consumers love Kernza®‘s regenerative promise and the story of a perennial future.

Interested Retailer or Product Maker?

Resources for Cooking with Kernza®

Retailer Information

Retailers are key to getting Kernza® products into the hands of consumers. If you are interested in putting Kernza® products on your shelves, connect with a licensed Kernza® Maker on our network page or contact us for more information.

Food Manufacturer Information Request

You can become a Kernza® maker by entering into a licensing agreement with The Land Institute and purchasing licensed Kernza® grain. To begin the process, please submit an inquiry here.

Purchase a Sample

Product makers often need a small amount of Kernza® to experiment with. If you would like to purchase Kernza® for experimentation, please reach out to one of the licensed Kernza® distributors.

What are the challenges to scaling production?

Over the past several years, Kernza® supply has been building and now there are producers with grain ready to enter the marketplace. We need your help developing and marketing new Kernza® products. Interested in buying Kernza®? Contact The Land Institute: 

Already a Kernza® Maker or Retailer?

View trademark License

Kernza® license agreements are renewed annually. These licenses are for viewing only. If you would like to enter into a licensing agreement, please email in order to be sent an electronic signature version. 

Click here for the restaurant license agreement

Click here for CPG Manufacturer license agreement

Interested in Buying Kernza® Grain or Flour?

Find Kernza® perennial grain or flour for sale

For the first time, Kernza® grain and flour is available as a direct-to-consumer product! Perennial Pantry currently sells Kernza® whole grain and Kernza® flour nationwide.


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