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Field Notes

Can miracle grain Kernza help Wisconsin in a climate-changed world?

Jana Rose Schleis of the Madison, Wisconsin publication The Cap Times published an article highlighting Kernza’s erosion-preventing property, its use by a range of food and beverage makers such as breweries and bakeries, and the level of adoption needed to ensure that the perennial grain can be widely utilized in different foods and drinks to drive crop production and its associated ecological benefits.

An extensive group of changemakers in the Kernza network were interviewed for this piece, including farmer and Kernza grower Ross Bishop, agroecologist Nicole Tautges of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, Luther Paul of Lakefront Brewery, Alex Heilman of MAD Markets, baker Michelle Noel of Simple Bakery, the milling team at Rooster Milling, and University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers Valentin Picasso and Erica Shoenberger.

Read the Full Article in The Cap Times