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Field Notes

Cooking with Kernza® – A Citizen Science Opportunity

If you missed your chance to purchase Kernza® flour at Prairie Festival, Perennial Pantry is excited to announce the first Kernza® flour available for use by home bakers on sale for pre-order (shipping in August)!  

To grow as a new food crop, Kernza® perennial grain needs ongoing research and development. Through a partnership with The Land Institute, The University of Minnesota Forever Green Initiative, and the Artisan Grain collaborative, we are excited to invite you to participate in culinary research through a new citizen science experiment. Your baking experience can help us understand why and how people use Kernza® flour—and the delicious results that are possible!

Once you receive your flour, you can participate in citizen science through one or both of these ways:

  • Document what you make with your flour/grain by taking a photo of it and posting it online (#KernzaKitchen; #CookingthePerennialFuture)
  • Follow this link or scroll down and take a quick survey that will help us gather more detailed data

To get started, try one of these delicious Kernza® recipes or download them all:

Whole Kernza® Tortillas

Beth’s Kernza® Bread

Kernza® Vanilla Butter Cake

Kernza® Peanut Butter Cookies

Kernza® Toffee Bars

Double Ginger Kernza® Cookies

Savory Kernza® Waffles

Would you rather just enjoy a delicious Kernza® product? You can find Sprouted Kernza® Flatbread Crackers here, Long Root Ale here, and Kernza® Carmelita Bars here (delivery and pick up only in Minneapolis, MN.)