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Field Notes

Dakota County Kernza® Cost Share

Kernza® now qualifies as a “Harvestable Cover” under the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District 2021 Cost Share Policies. This provision is based off the grain’s ability to improve water quality in waterways with elevated nitrogen-nitrate levels. Under Dakota SWCD’s policy, harvestable covers must be a new operational practice or implemented in a new location. Examples of harvestable covers include but are not limited to: winter camelina, intermediate wheatgrass (Kernza®), winter wheat, or other crops that have overwinter cover. To learn more about Dakota SWCD’s perennial crop cost share policy Contact Ashley Gallagher (651-480-7781,

For more information on how Kernza® could improve public drinking water by preventing nitrate leaching, see the Kernza® Drinking Water Protection Map or watch this video from Cannon River Watershed Partnership.

Lastly, the February Kernza® Call series is available here and provides a wealth of resources for producers interested in growing Kernza®. Many relevant documents are also listed below:

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