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Partner Location: Minnesota

Field Theory Foods

Field Theory is an innovative food ingredients company supplying today’s leading brands. Our Direct Trade network of progressive growers provides high-quality products with a focus on Regenerative Agriculture and Organics. Field Theory supplies Kernza® as one of their speciality ingredients. Website

Ben Penner Farms

I believe that Kernza® and perennial agriculture is a major step forward in the development of agricultural systems in the age of climate change. I began growing Kernza® in fall of 2020 and I think it combines a unique mix features that make it beneficial to end-use-customers, farmers, our communities and society as a whole. … Continue reading Ben Penner Farms

Minnesota Native Landscapes

We partnered with the University of Minnesota to do some trial custom cleaning of Kernza in 2018. Last year we cleaned all of the new MN-Clearwater variety (20,000+ pounds) for the U. MNL’s mission is to Heal the Earth, and Kernza® fits well within that mission. We have the equipment and expertise from our native … Continue reading Minnesota Native Landscapes

Helmbrink Farms

We are a family farming operation with cattle, row crops and planted out first Kernza in the fall of 2019. We also have a precision agriculture business to help farmers become more efficient in there own operations.

Estling Farms

We began growing Kernza® in 2014. We have experience growing perennial grasses and like the benefits of the grasses in our crop rotation. With spring flooding, and higher rainfall events, we like to grow Kernza® as filter strips to reduce soil erosion and we still have an economic benefit besides just ecological.

Perennial Pantry

Perennial Pantry exists to bring delicious, climate positive food staples to your kitchen. An offshoot of Sprowt Labs, Perennial Pantry is a direct to consumer brand offering dehulled grain and flour.

Vander Kooi Farm

Planted first in September 2019. With a lighter soil and being organic, wanted to plant something else in the rotation. Like a challenge.

Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water District

Pilot site participant with UMN’s ENRTF Project entitled: “Preventing Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater using Perennial Grains”. 54 acres planted in 2017 within a highly vulnerable wellfield located in southwest Minnesota. As a public water supplier, very interested in an alternative means to reduce nitrate loading in groundwater sources and particularly public drinking water supplies.

Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy’s Center for Pollinators in Energy partners with leading food and beverage companies in creations that pair Kernza with honey harvested from flowering solar farms.

Canon River Watershed

Alan Kraus is working with Forever Green Initiative and partners of The Land Institute to provide information to farmers interested in growing Kernza® and to local businesses interested in using Kernza® in baked or brewed products.