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Partner Location: Minnesota

Birchwood Cafe

We have used Kernza® in pancakes, waffles, breads, bars and grain salads in the cafe and on our fanmous Heirloom Tomato Sweet Corn BLT on Kernza® focaccia at the Minnesota State Fair. We also included a Kernza® recipe in the Birchwood Cafe Cookbook published in 2015. By featuring Kernza® on our menu and the Kernza® … Continue reading Birchwood Cafe

Green Lands Blue Waters

Green Land Blue Waters promotes Continuous Living Cover farming because the way we farm can be a solution to big challenges – climate, water, wildlife, and vibrant, just rural communities.

Sprowt Labs

Sprowt Labs became the first distributor of Kernza in 2019. They are developing Kernza malt with their pilot malting technology and working to scale production to bring Kernza into widespread use in the craft beverage industry.

Forever Green Initiative, University of Minnesota

Working together we can enhance and develop new agricultural systems that will improve natural resources and provide new economic opportunities. Our team consists of experts in the areas of genomics, breeding, agronomics and commercialization.