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Field Notes

The Future of Food

In November 2019, Kernza was featured on PBS NewsHour as part of their Pulitzer Center supported “Future of Food” series. Reporter Megan Thompson spoke with The Land Institute’s lead intermediate wheatgrass breeder, Lee DeHaan, as well as Jacob Jungers, a research collaborator at the University of Minnesota; Tracy Singleton and Sandy Boss Febbo, early adopters of Kernza® for baking and brewing; Carla Vernon, president of General Mills’ natural and organic unit; and Carmen Fernholz, one of the first farmers to plant Kernza®. Interviewees spoke about the potential of Kernza® and what drew them to this game-changing grain. Read the article and watch the video here.

In addition, chef and author, Beth Dooley, showed PBS NewsHour Weekend how to make Kernza® pancakes, a recipe she helped develop for Minneapolis restaurant, Birchwood Café.