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Regions: Midwest

Clean Water Kitchen with Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance

Kernza® at work, Recipe Roundup

As more Kernza® products become available, cooks and bakers are trying out new recipes with their communities. In May, the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance (LPLA) staff celebrated a “Clean Water Kitchen Challenge.” Participants bought Kernza, experimented with recipes, and shared their experience. Click here to find delicious Kernza® recipes and read more about the challenge … Continue reading Clean Water Kitchen with Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance

Kernza<sup>®</sup> Market Development: Updates from the Upper Midwest

Kernza® at work, Product Highlight

Kernza® market development and R&D is picking up steam. Below are a few highlights, including new products hitting the shelves at bakeries, breweries, and school districts in Minnesota! In the photo above, Montana from River Rock Bakery (St. Peter) speaks with Christopher from Perennial Pantry. Montana has been interested in working with Kernza® for a … Continue reading Kernza® Market Development: Updates from the Upper Midwest

Now Open for Enrollment: EECO Pilot Program

Ecosystems Services, Kernza® at work

Forever Green EECO Implementation Program open for eligible MN grower enrollment Eligible Minnesota growers can now enroll in the Forever Green EECO Implementation Program. This pilot program supports the early commercial success and environmental benefits of the continuous living cover crops and cropping systems being developed by the University of Minnesota Forever Green Initiative, starting … Continue reading Now Open for Enrollment: EECO Pilot Program

Interview with Sustain-A-Grain

Network Profile

An Interview with Brandon Kaufman of Sustain-A-Grain LLC This interview is part of a series that highlights the work of various individuals and organizations within the Kernza® network. Through these interviews, we aim to share and celebrate that there is a large and ever-changing ecosystem that moves Kernza® perennial grain forward. If you would like … Continue reading Interview with Sustain-A-Grain

2021 Kernza<sup>®</sup> Call Series Rundown

Event, Kernza® at work, Research Roundup

2021 Kernza® Call series rundown By Colin Cureton, Commercialization Team, UMN Forever Green Partnership A recent call series in February of 2021 for Kernza® Perennial grain stakeholders in the Upper Midwest covered a lot of ground in sharing the current state of Kernza® research, commercial activity, and Kernza®’s future direction. The calls were hosted by … Continue reading 2021 Kernza® Call Series Rundown

Dakota County Kernza<sup>®</sup> Cost Share

Ecosystems Services, Kernza® at work

Kernza® now qualifies as a “Harvestable Cover” under the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District 2021 Cost Share Policies. This provision is based off the grain’s ability to improve water quality in waterways with elevated nitrogen-nitrate levels. Under Dakota SWCD’s policy, harvestable covers must be a new operational practice or implemented in a new … Continue reading Dakota County Kernza® Cost Share

Kernza<sup>®</sup> at Work: Penner Farms

Kernza® at work, Kernza® CAP Media, Network Profile

Ben Penner is a grower and direct marketer of Kernza® perennial grain. Learn more about his farm and why he grows Kernza® in the video below, the first in a series from Great River Greening! Penner also collaborates on the Kernza®Cap project, with a focus on developing supply chains and economic drivers for Kernza®.