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Two New Positions Available With KernzaCAP

Kernza® CAP Media

KernzaCAP is currently hiring a Project Manager and Data Manager. These fantastic opportunities to work with a dynamic, multifaceted team will provide excellent experience for the right candidates. Application review will begin on January 2nd. More information can be found at the links below. KernzaCAP is a national, interdisciplinary research and education project to launch … Continue reading Two New Positions Available With KernzaCAP

Kernza Crunch: The race to develop the world’s first perennial grain crop


Nicole Tautges, Agroecology Program Director at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, and Valentin Picasso, Associate Professor of Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Madison, spoke on Clean Wisconsin‘s State of Change podcast about farming with Kernza to improve environmental health and combat climate change. Listen to the Full Episode

Regenerative agriculture: Kernza finding niche in fields, products


A recap from the Kernza® at the Lake event in St. Paul, MN highlights the congregation of farmers, environmentalists, and food enthusiasts around Kernza to discuss the perennial grain’s potential in food markets and sustainable farming systems. Download Article PDF

FoodPrint Covers Breweries Innovating With Kernza and Market Development Efforts


Sustainable food publication FoodPrint spoke with Sandy Boss Febbo of Bang Brewing, Luke Peterson of A-Frame Farm, Todd Olander of Root Shoot Malting, Alex Heilman of Mad Agriculture, and Tessa Peters, Director of Crop Stewardship at The Land Institute, to better understand the popularity of Kernza® in craft beer and the role of breweries in showcasing … Continue reading FoodPrint Covers Breweries Innovating With Kernza and Market Development Efforts

Kernza offers an alternative for growers in the Midwest


In an article covering alternatives to corn and soybean production in the Midwest, The West Central Tribune featured discussions with Kernza growers and partners, including the University of Minnesota’s Forever Green Initiative, Perennial Promise Growers Cooperative, and A-Frame Farm, all of whom are working to build out markets for the crop and diversify agricultural landscapes … Continue reading Kernza offers an alternative for growers in the Midwest

Kernza Commercialization Highlighted in Star Tribune Article


The Star Tribune, a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based regional newspaper, published an article discussing Kernza’s status as a commercial crop, challenges in matching demand with supply, current products on the market, legislative support for the perennial grain, and collaborative breeding efforts to increase its yield, perenniality, and adoption on agricultural landscapes.

‎Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl: Ep. 191 – Sandy Boss Febbo of Bang Brewing


Co-founder Sandy Boss Febbo of Bang Brewing was a guest on the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast with John Holl, in which she speaks on the brewery’s symbiosis with local and regional grainsheds, the desire to establish an organic brewers alliance, collaboration with the Artisan Grain Collaborative, University of Minnesota, and The Land Institute, and their … Continue reading ‎Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl: Ep. 191 – Sandy Boss Febbo of Bang Brewing

Benefits of Adding Perennial Kernza to Corn-Soybean Rotation


Nicole Tautges, an agroecologist at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in southeastern Wisconsin and a member of the perennial grain research community, discusses the use of Kernza in corn-soybean rotations in the Midwest to protect soil and water quality, reduce labor by growers, and increase field savings. Video courtesy of Lessiter Media

Kernza: The Wonder Grain Still Building A Grassroots Following


Minneapolis’ Star Tribune released an article featuring discussions around the increasing use of Kernza® perennial grain in a diversity of food and beverage products, highlights from KernzaCon, and interviews with growers, research partners, and others to develop an understanding of Kernza’s potential and current standing in the grain marketplace.